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Animal Studies

  • Tumor models

AJES has over 15 years of experience using xenograft and orthotopic tumor models, Our cell bank offers a wide selection of fully characterized cell lines used in our animal studies. We also offer fully tested bioluminescence (BLS) and fluorescent (FLS) cell lines used in our orthotopic/metastatic tumor models. AJES is one of the leading companies that carry reference data on a wide selection of tumor growth analysis and standards of care. Please contact Us for the list of available tumor models.

  • Diabetes models

    • Type I Diabetes
         Streptozotocin induced rat model

    • Type II Diabetes
         Neonatal STZ induced rat model
         STZ and Nicotinamide induced mice model
         High fat diet and low dose STZ induced rat model
  • Arthritis models

    • Collagen induced arthritis rat model
    • Adjuvant arthritis rat model

    AJES constantly makes new animal models and services available for our customers, Please contact us for full details of our services. Email: