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The pricing structure at AJES is completely unique from other Pre-clinical CROs, we charge our customers at highly subsidized prices per project. At AJES we believe in transparency and never inflate your study budget, we also rollover left over budget from previous study towards your next project or the balance will be returned.

We promise our customers, at least 4 times lower project costs compared to other pre-clinical CROs. For more information please contact email:

We have over 70 established tumor models available for our customers. If you use one of our models we can start the study within 1 week, subject to the availability of test article and animals.

Yes, we provide all the information about our model before drafting the service contract. AJES generally do not start a study unless we have validated reference data available for the model. Please contact us for more information email:

This is completely dependent on the study design, but we will be happy to calculate the total amount of any compound required for any given study design.

The data is stored in a secured server with limited access. Our customers get access to their study data, including daily reports and final draft thorough customer login. As per AJES data retention policy, all the data will be safely stored at least for 5 years after study completion.

Yes, we are open for any audits conducted by our potential customers. AJES has quality system in place and we operate as per approved standard procedures. Our technical staff is well trained to perform animal research. Please make some time and visit us. For further information contact email:

Yes, all our animal study protocols are reviewed and approved by IACUC committee at Stony Brook University New York. The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) is responsible for oversight, monitoring, development, and promulgation of policies and programs, and administration of review committees (where applicable) for the following compliance areas: Human Research Protections, Animal Research Protections, Use of Recombinant or Synthetic Nuceic Acid Molecules in Research, Use of Stem Cells in Research, Investigator Financial Conflicts of Interest, Laboratory Safety, Responsible Conduct in Research and Scholarship (RCRS), and Export Controls.

For all other questions please contact us.

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