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AJES Life Sciences, LLC is a contract Research & Development Company
that provides preclinical and toxicology services.


AJES has worked with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech organizations.

About Us

AJES LifeSciences is a Fast Growing Animal Research Laboratory based in Stony brook New York. AJES offers a wide range of in Vitro and In Vivo Research services including Efficacy, Toxicology and ADME/PK studies.

What We Do ?

We provide Integrated research support to assist your New Drug  Development. Our goal is to work with you starting at the lead compound identification phase and continuing through the animal studies and Investigational New Drug (IND) approval phase.

Why us

With over 15 years of Experience in Animal Research, our team is forged by a diverse group of people whose talents are unified by an overall dedication to Quality and Integrity. We offer highly Competitive pricing compared to any Pre-clinical CRO  in the world. We maintain a Strong Customer relationship starting at the early stages of drug development.